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Light and medium duty trucks are in a league of their own. Because they usually travel long distances with cargo loaded onto them, trucks wear down faster when compared to ordinary vehicles. If you run a delivery truck business in Oklahoma, you want to ensure that your fleet gets the best repair and maintenance to keep them in running order.

A critical step in the maintenance process is to watch out for issues that could seem negligible at first but end up becoming major issues that cause downtime. Here are 3 of the most common commercial truck problems that you should seek a reliable Oklahoma truck repair service for:

1. Faulty Brakes

The importance of checking your brakes cannot be overstated. This is true for all vehicles: as a safety precaution, always check your brakes. Your delivery truck needs to have its brakes in tip-top shape to breeze through the journey and complete your deliveries as scheduled. Most importantly, ensuring well-performing brakes is one of several proven ways to stay safe on the road.

Did you know that many brake failures happen because the trucks are not effectively maintained? Pre- and post-trip inspections are necessary to be sure your brake system is functioning at optimum performance. Truck drivers must carefully observe and report if the brake system starts showing even the slightest signs of malfunction. Go to a truck and trailer repair shop that is fully equipped to handle and resolve your truck’s brake issues.

2. Overheating

An overheating problem results from a variety of issues that could involve a blown gasket, a defective radiator part, a fuel tank issue, a malfunctioning fan clutch, a faulty water pump, or engine component damage. When unattended, overheating leads to engine failure that could ultimately affect your business.

When engine overheating happens, it pays to skip the DIY phase. Your trusted Oklahoma truck repair service should be able to address the issue in a professional and prompt manner. It is equally important to strictly follow your scheduled routine maintenance to detect the possible signs of an imminent engine overheating problem.

Bear in mind that consistent upkeep is a fail-proof way to optimize the overall performance of your commercial delivery truck.

3. Starter Problems

Is your truck’s starter mechanism acting up? Starter problems usually occur during the winter when the chemical reactions within your vehicle are much slower than they are on warm days. When you hear a clicking sound or none at all upon starting your truck, it may be a starter issue. It may also be indicative of a battery problem, and you can always check by turning on the truck’s headlights. If they light up properly, it is most likely that the batteries are working and the starter is the problematic component.

If your commercial truck’s starter mechanism is failing, take your vehicle to a reliable truck and trailer repair shop for inspection and repair.


When it comes to keeping your delivery truck in mechanical order, trust Truck-N-Trailer, Oklahoma City’s premier service and repair facility. Contact us to experience a fast turnaround time, the best rates, and one-on-one personal service!


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