Things to Look Out for to Ensure a Well-maintained Commercial Box Truck

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Whether new or used, commercial box trucks are a solid investment if you know what to look for. A used commercial box truck, in particular, offers cost savings and low depreciation rate.

Designed to store and transport cargo, commercial box trucks vary in size, configuration and power. No matter what box truck you own, they all require proper maintenance to assure optimal performance.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure a long service life for your box truck:

Use the Best Type of Engine Oil, Follow Oil Change Schedules

One of the most common maintenance services for all types of commercial vehicles is an oil change. Routine oil and filter changes help remove dirt, combustion contaminants, and sludge and keep your commercial box truck engine running at peak performance.

Keep Good Cargo Box Loading Habits

Every vehicle has its limits. It’s important to avoid going beyond your truck’s weight capacity. Doing so can not only damage your cargo box; it can also cause damage to your suspension. Overloading will also put an extra strain on your engine, leading to more frequent oil changes and costly repairs.

Always Ensure Tip-top Cargo Box Condition

Do you need a replacement roll up door for a box truck? Is the cargo box in need of repair? Is the door or door lock damaged? Does it need a new roof or repair panels? The condition of your cargo box is important to ensure that your goods are stored and transported properly. Make sure you find a box truck door repair service that uses only top-quality parts and materials to complete your repairs.

For dependable box truck door repair and other maintenance needs, visit Truck-N-Trailer Service! Give us a call at (405) 912-5800 to schedule your service.


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