3 Common Causes of Commercial Truck Breakdowns and How to Avoid Them

TruckNTrailer mechanic checking a truck

Breakdowns are such a huge inconvenience.  Getting stranded and paying for a tow are just the beginning; the repairs and downtime can cost your business!

Numerous truck problems are preventable, and knowledge of the facts can make a lot of difference. Knowing the primary causes of vehicle breakdowns is one thing, conducting preventive measures with the help of a truck and trailer repair shop is another.  Before the early signs of trouble show, you need to get help and have your commercial truck evaluated and repaired. Regular truck maintenance is just as important.

Below are some of the most common causes of commercial truck breakdowns:

Tire Problems

Being the most common cause of breakdowns, tire problems are one of the first issues a driver should look out for. Flat tires account for 53.5% of vehicle breakdowns. If you don’t conduct regular tire maintenance, it is highly likely that your truck will have tire trouble.

Typically, tire failures are caused by under-inflation, misaligned axles, or low tread depth.  Whichever is the case, a quick visit to your trusted truck and trailer repair shop will put your mind at ease. Make sure that each of the tires of your commercial vehicle is thoroughly inspected before you take to the road.

Electrical Malfunction

A truck’s basic electrical system is made up of the battery, starter motor, ignition system, and alternator.  Other components, such as blower motors, sensors, engine management computer, power accessories, and radio rely on constant, stable electrical current.

A battery works harder in extreme weather conditions, thereby reducing a battery’s lifespan. With that in mind, you should not be complacent. Unless you’re sure, don’t be so confident about the performance of your battery. Have it checked by expert truck mechanics before it starts to fail.

Truck operators aren’t typically equipped to deal with electrical issues. Truck repair shops have highly trained mechanics that can spot the signs, conduct the appropriate tests and repairs, and perform routine maintenance to keep everything in proper operating condition.

Brake Issues

Another common commercial truck problem caused by poor maintenance is brake-related issues. If ignored for too long, brake problems can lead to accidents with catastrophic consequences such as serious injuries and fatalities. A common cause of brake problems is poor maintenance, followed by external contamination and corrosion, air pressure leaks, and internal water contamination.  When you bring your commercial truck in for maintenance, truck repair shops that employ certified technicians will inspect your truck’s brake system and its components.


A single breakdown can cost truck operators a lot of time and money. Road services can only do so much when a truck problem strikes, so it is crucial to prioritize preventive maintenance for your commercial vehicle. Choose a dependable truck repair shop with expert mechanics and state-of-the-art equipment for conducting inspections and recognizing the problems that, when unattended for too long, could eventually leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Do yourself a favor. Visit a truck and trailer repair shop before hitting the road. Regular preventive maintenance checks don’t only keep your investment in best performing shape at all times; they keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

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