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Pouring oil to car engine. Fresh oil poured during an oil change to a car.

Ask any truck repair expert and they’ll tell you the same thing over and over: you can’t take lightly or skip regular oil changes—and for all the obvious reasons.

Your truck engine consists of numerous moving parts, and each of those parts must be lubricated adequately for them to work. Over time, the oil will break down and get contaminated with the debris, dirt, and dust that the truck accumulates. If your truck isn’t performing as optimally as it used to, it could be that it needs an oil change.

Regularly visiting a reliable truck repair OKC shop can help you accurately determine when your truck is up for an oil change.

Here are the top 5 reasons why oil changes are a must for your commercial truck:

It promotes vehicle longevity.

Keeping your truck maintained regularly can extend its life and improve its performance. Any sludge buildup in your engine, when unresolved for very long, will make the engine and other parts work harder than they’re supposed to; hold in excess heat, and can lead to a mechanical failure.

It keeps your engine clean.

An oil change removes engine wear particles, such as accumulated dirt and combustion byproducts. These materials can affect your vehicle and cause complex engine problems when ignored. Importantly, with a clean engine, your truck is less likely to contribute to the harmful carbon emissions put into the atmosphere.

It improves gas mileage.

If you are on a long-distance drive for an all-important delivery or business transaction, good gas mileage is everything. By keeping your engine well lubricated at all times with clean oil, an oil change helps your truck operate efficiently. For a top-quality oil change, take your commercial truck to a dependable truck repair OKC team before embarking on a long journey.

It cools down the engine components.

Fresh Oil changes can reduce excess friction and heat under the hood, and help prevent your engine parts from reaching temperatures at damaging levels. Do you want to avoid engine overheating? Regular oil changes are the first step.

To get your commercial truck to work at its best every time you hit the road, every single part of it should be functioning properly. Ensure your truck’s overall performance, and keep safe while on the road. Start with regular oil changes and avoid what could be irreparable damages.

For oil change services for your commercial truck in Oklahoma, visit Truck-N-Trailer Service! Call (405) 912-5800 today.


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