Delivery Truck Maintenance Guide

Truck Preventive Maintenance

Truck Preventive Maintenance

Continuous operation can ground trucking operations without an effective maintenance program. And since delivery trucks are designed for light to heavy use and need to be in motion, even your units that are sitting idle in one place can develop problems which can go even worse on the road. 

Because of these identified problems, preventive maintenance for your truck is perceived to be more critical than ever. With that in mind, here is a guide on truck preventive maintenance you should apply regardless of season, even if your trucks have been idle for weeks or months..

Develop plans to overcome brake failures.

Brake failure is one of the most common causes of road accidents in America. Brake pads can deteriorate, and brake calipers can freeze after a long period of non-usage. So, replace any damaged brakes and ensure all brakes are fully-functioning before embarking on a long and essential trip. 

Perform several tests to avoid engine problems.

It can be daunting to encounter engine failures in the middle of the road, especially if your truck delivers goods that are considered essential or perishable.  Always check for any signs of an unhealthy engine and deal with it right away. In this case, getting truck maintenance services from your reliable mechanic is crucial to resolve any engine issues. Other engine checks that you can conduct are engine coolant monitoring, exhaust temperature, boost pressures, batteries, and engine oil.

Check for truck body damages.

It is critical to examine the truck for body corrosion caused by harmful chemicals that may have made contact inside and outside the truck to avoid further damage. If you run your delivery truck on the road, make sure to wash your vehicle immediately after the trip, especially during the winter season. Snow and sleet mixed with road salt will eat away the chassis if left unchecked.

Keep electrical systems up to date.

Your truck’s electrical system plays an essential role in keeping up its engine’s efficiency, especially with newer models. These trucks rely on electrical systems to communicate with an onboard computer to keep the engine running efficiently. In this case, performing truck preventive maintenance from technicians who specialize in repairing electrical components is highly advisable. 

Inflate tires to the right levels.

The U.S Department of Energy advises that properly-inflated tires can improve gas mileage by up to 3.3 percent. So, keeping your tires adequately inflated is perceived safer and will last longer. Make sure that all tires have proper pressure before deployment. You can find the right tire pressure of your truck from your owner’s manual or the marking around the tire. Having a portable air compressor available is a great way to maintain your tire pressure.

Maintain proper lubrication.

One way to keep your delivery truck smoothly running is ensuring that it’s well-lubricated. Only use a high-quality grease on the steering, suspension, and drivetrain. Also, do not forget to follow your oil change schedule to prevent wearing down your engine prematurely.


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