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Accessories for Truck DriversCommercial trucks can require a lot of equipment and trailer accessories for seamless driving and delivery. You don’t want to find your drivers suddenly experiencing trouble while on the road especially since many sectors of society are hugely dependent on truck deliveries. They serve as an essential lifeline between consumers and producers. Having the right truck parts and trailer parts can help you avoid problems on the road.

Here is a list of must-have accessories for commercial truck drivers.

Trailer lights

Trailer lights are one of the most important items every commercial trailer should have functioning properly. It is considered the best insurance you have got against collisions. When driving in the dark, functioning trailer lights ensure your visibility so other drivers can see your trailer. If you think you need new trailer lights for your commercial trailer, search for a trailer parts OKC provider who can provide the right lights for you.

Airbag Suspension

Airbag suspensions improve the ride quality of your truck compared to the harshness that can be transmitted to the cab from standard leaf spring suspensions typically ordered on trucks from the factory.

Backup Camera

If you operate a truck/or a truck and trailer, it should have a fully- functioning backup camera. You will have eyes on the trailer from the front seat as you back up so you can easily navigate and potentially avoid costly accidents. If your truck does not have a backup camera, there are higher chances of hitting or bumping obstacles while backing up. Backup cameras are readily available by searching in truck parts OKC providers.


A good set of locks is essential when operating a commercial truck and trailer. It will ensure whatever you are hauling is secured to minimize potential theft of cargo or assets. There are many types of trailer locks available so it’s important to ask an expert which ones are best for your trailer. Look online for trailer parts OKC to find the nearest service providers who can help you.


A trailer hitch is an important device that connects the tow vehicle and the trailer. Quality Hitches are essential for safe towing.


Proper adapters are accessories that come in handy for commercial truck drivers. Adapters can save you time when you must tow something that does not fit with your current hitch on your truck.

Trailer brakes

For commercial trucks that tow heavy trailers, trailer brakes are an important accessory you should have. It’s all about safety. When you step on the brakes in your vehicle, it will apply the trailer brakes in conjunction with the truck brakes to bring the truck and trailer to a smooth reduction in speed or to a full stop.

To ensure the safety and efficiency of your commercial truck and trailer, seek the help of professionals at a reputable truck repair shop and ask for guidance on what accessories you should have. On top of that, they will ensure the safe operation of your trucks and identify any problems that may be present with your commercial vehicle. Call Truck-N-Trailer Service (405) 912-5800.


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