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truck ac repair

With summer getting closer, the temperatures on the road are getting hotter. If you have a commercial truck spending time on the road everyday, your driver’s increasing need for comfort and cool air will certainly show – if your vehicle’s air conditioning system needs truck AC repair or service. As a fleet operator, it is your duty to identify and address this problem because it will certainly affect your driver’s concentration and driving efficiency.

Before summer begins, you should have your truck’s air conditioner inspected to check its actual performance and to identify any problems that may need to be addressed. If your truck’s A/C is malfunctioning, it will certainly manifest signs that it needs service or repair. 

Here are the common signs that tell you your commercial truck A/C needs repair or service:

1. Hot Air Blowing

If your truck’s air conditioning system blows hot air instead of cold air, it’s A/C system certainly has a problem. This problem can be caused by several factors including clogged vents, supply duct issues, and low refrigerant levels.

Whatever might have caused the problem, you should bring your truck to a shop for truck AC repair asap.

2. Water Stains and Leaks

If you notice water stains or any sign of leaks in your truck cabin, something is wrong with your air conditioner. When your truck’s AC unit isn’t working normally, excessive condensation may follow which results in water leaking into your cabin. Leaks could also be caused by a fault in your air conditioner’s condensate drain system.

3. Strange Noises

 It’s normal for vehicle air conditioners to produce low-level noise when running, but when you hear unusual sounds like rattling or banging, you should take it as a sign that your truck’s A/C is in need of attention. Unusual A/C noises is an indication of a broken part or an obstruction in your A/C vents or cooling lines.  

4. Bad Smell

If you notice an undesirable smell coming out of your truck’s air conditioner as you turn it on, it could be a sign that mold is growing inside your system. You should be concerned when your air conditioner starts to emit foul smells as it can also trigger some health issues along with respiratory problems.

When you notice that foul-smelling air is coming out of your truck’s A/C unit, bring your truck to a shop or mechanic many commercial truck drivers value as a “reliable truck air conditioning repair near me” technician, to avoid further exposure to contaminated air.

5. Low-Level Vent Air Flow

If the air volume coming out of your A/C vents is cool but doesn’t have the normal intensity to keep the cabin comfortable, your system probably has a leak or obstruction somewhere. In a majority of cases though, this issue can be resolved by having the function of the blend door actuators checked for proper operation.

6. No Air

This is a no-brainer and the most telling sign that you need to bring your truck to the shop for your A/C system to be checked. The failure of your truck’s air conditioner to blow air down to its vents can be due to a blower motor failure or a blown fuse. Another possibility is a failure with the climate control selector switch on the dash.   

Getting into your commercial truck without air conditioning can be an unpleasant experience especially if it happens on a very hot summer day. While rolling windows down can offer some relief, it is less desirable than the feeling of cold air blowing in the cab.

Summer is just around the corner, you must be sure to have your truck air conditioning system checked especially if you notice any of these signs. Remember, even if you’re not the one driving the truck during operation, you will still be affected if your truck is not cool enough because it reduces your driver’s efficiency and productivity. 

Always keep your commercial truck in top shape and it will give you years of reliable performance. If you have a problem with your truck’s air conditioning, call Truck-N-Trailer Repair. We are Oklahoma City’s most trusted “truck air conditioning repair near me”.      


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