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brake replacement near me

When driving a commercial truck, to stay safe on the road, it is important to always check your brakes. Your brakes don’t just keep you safe but also the people around you. According to research by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the number one associated factor for truck accidents are brake problems. So, if your brakes aren’t in the best working condition, it is time to go to a truck brake service and consider replacing your brake pads.


Brake pads are a key component that helps stop your truck. They work by applying pressure to a brake disc attached to the wheel, causing friction, and converting kinetic energy into heat through braking action. Brakes on trucks work hard because of the extra cargo weight they are stopping, so it is important not to ignore any signs they could be going bad.

Here are 4 signs that will indicate whether you need to start searching for brake replacement near me.

1. Your brake pedal is getting harder to push or has increased pedal travel.

The brake pads on your truck will handle the pressure of stopping the truck while loaded. If they get too thin or worn, it will take more force and pedal travel for you to push down on that brake pedal and stop your vehicle. That’s when it is time to call for truck brake service for an inspection.

2. You hear a grinding sound.

Brake pad wear can also cause a slight grinding noise when you push on the pedal. If the lining of your brake pads has worn away it can make loud squealing sounds. Once you notice the screeching noises during braking action, it is an indication it’s time for new brake pads and service.

3. The brake pedal pulsates.

If you feel the brake pedal pulsating, it is an indication that your truck has warped brake rotors. A warped rotor can be caused by heavy braking and excessive heat which compromises the brake pads as well. It’s important to get this brake issue dealt with right away before they become worse and cause you to lose control of your truck.

4. You notice that your car pulls to one side when braking or accelerating.

This condition is typically caused by a brake caliper that is sticking and won’t release the pads from the brake rotor. Brake calipers that stick and won’t release will quickly start to wear down brake pads and then lead to metal to metal contact and destroying the brake rotor in the process.


If you start noticing these telltale signs or suspect that your brake pads need replacement, search online for a brake replacement near me to find a trusted mechanic who can service your truck right away.


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