The Benefits of Regular Commercial Truck Diesel Engine Oil Changes

By June 14, 2021Truck Blog

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Trucks play an indispensable role in the transportation industry. They help keep the wheel of the economy moving. If you operate a fleet of commercial trucks for business, you should have a good understanding that proper truck maintenance is necessary for continuous operation, prevention of downtime, and avoidance of unnecessary repair costs.

Incidentally, a regular oil change is an integral part of an effective preventive maintenance program. Though not all vehicle owners thoroughly understand why it is necessary to replace engine oil regularly, each one of them will certainly confirm that they are having it done for their vehicles.

Even if your truck is known for durability and superb performance, it really does not stand a chance against abuse, neglect and lack of maintenance. Remember, your commercial truck is an investment. You must nurture it so that it can give you a long productive service life. Seek the assistance of experienced diesel engine repair shops like the ones who do “diesel truck oil changes near me” for positive and consistent results.

Breakdowns are a part of any trucking business, but you minimize breakdowns by making sure your vehicles are properly maintained, and changing oil regularly is a big part of your trucks’ preventive maintenance plan. Here are the reasons:

1. Increase in Gas Mileage

We all know that oil works to lubricate the moving parts inside your truck’s engine. Therefore, it is only logical for a well-lubricated truck to give its best performance considering that all other components are in good condition. Good engine performance is not just about giving maximum power and having the right operating temperature, pressure and RPM. It is also about optimal fuel consumption.

Conversely, a poorly lubricated engine consumes more fuel because it needs to work harder. It can also mean faster wear and tear of its moving parts due to the anti-wear additives in the oil being consumed during continuous operation.

2. Optimal Engine Lubrication

All internal combustion engines whether they are gas or diesel have plenty of moving parts inside. Because these parts move at very high speeds, they really need efficient lubrication to minimize friction which can cause overheating and other serious consequences. Over time, the quality of the engine oil deteriorates and loses its lubricating ability. This can lead to engine damage. You should change your truck’s engine oil regularly based on your truck manufacturer’s recommendation. It can help to maximize your truck’s useful life.

3. Prevent Wear and Tear

As earlier stated, poor lubrication can lead to friction of your engine’s moving internal parts. Friction is the main cause of these parts getting worn out prematurely.

The only way you can prevent it is by making sure your engine oil is able to effectively lubricate these moving parts. Do not allow old, dirty engine oil to cause damage to your truck’s engine. Change your trucks’ engine oil on schedule. You may want to tap the service of reliable diesel engine mechanics like the oil change OKC specialists to do it.

4. Removes Sludge and Wear Particles

Engine wear can still happen even if you change oil on time, but it is not as serious as not changing oil at all. If you change oil regularly, particles resulting from metal-to-metal contact will be flushed out together with the used oil. Failure to remove these particles can have serious effects on the other moving parts over time.

Regular oil changes may be simple, but it does play a big part in keeping your commercial fleet on the go and with minimal downtime. It is a process that takes only a short time to perform, but it can help your commercial vehicles last for years.

Not changing oil on the other hand can lead to consequences that can cost you money and lost business opportunities.

The cost of changing oil regularly is nothing compared to the consequences and cost of your failure or neglect to do so. You would be wise to heed your truck manufacturer’s recommendation regarding the type and quantity of oil and the frequency of doing it. It can make your fleet give you years of extra productive miles.


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