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The coming winter will be a tough one for many drivers – with snow, ice, and cold temperatures all affecting driving conditions. The most important thing to do is to prepare your truck’s engine for the upcoming weather.  A faulty engine during the cold season can lead to a lot of problems, from needing an inconvenient tow truck service in the middle of nowhere or worse, getting into an accident. Accidents involving large vehicles are usually more complicated, hazardous, and costly.

To ensure your truck can handle the winter roads, it’s best to prepare in advance and visit an engine repair near me if necessary. Here’s how you can keep your engine running smoothly during these harsh conditions.

Check the strength of your battery.

The cold weather can drain the power out of your battery very quickly so it is wise to consider doing some defense against cold weather battery issues now. Check the strength of your battery and schedule an engine repair OKC to fix any problems. If your battery has been around for a couple of years, it’s probably wise to invest in a new one. If your battery is weak and barely holds the charge, you’ll need a fully charged battery to get the truck started when temperatures drop.

Keep your cooling system in check.

Even in chilly weather, you must also ensure your cooling system is working.   When the weather turns cold, coolant in your cooling system if not at the proper concentration can freeze and cause engine failure. Schedule an engine repair OKC for a winterization check. A thorough winterization check should include inspections of the radiator, coolant level and temperature range reading, belts, and hoses for flaws.

Adjust tire pressure accordingly.

The cold weather can cause low tire pressure, which makes driving in winter conditions even more hazardous. Your tires should have the correct tire pressure to ensure you are ready for any icy roads ahead. 

Check and replace the fuel filter and water separator.

An old or clogged fuel filter  or water separator filter can lead to engine issues. To minimize contamination, make sure the truck’s water separator is checked on a regular basis and that it is emptied when full.

Make sure the air dryer works if you have air brakes.

An air dryer protects the brake lines from ice build-up by keeping them out of the system. So make sure they work and change the filter when necessary.

Have your emergency supplies ready.

You’ll need to prepare for the worst – so pack an emergency kit that includes extra batteries, a first aid kit, snacks, radio, flares, cold-weather clothing, extra footwear, and other usual emergency supplies. Make sure your truck’s emergency kit is fully stocked and ready for any situation.

The bottom line

The cold weather is an unavoidable, but you don’t have to let it affect you negatively.  By preparing your truck engine for the winter, you can ensure it works well even during harsh conditions and avoid costly repairs or accidents. Find an engine repair near me today and get ready for a safe journey this winter season.


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