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Any truck mechanic knows that aside from ensuring that the truck is in good running condition, load/cargo securement should also be a priority. It is the responsibility of fleet managers and the trucking/delivery company to ensure that any cargo that their trucks are carrying will be transported safely, efficiently, and free from damage.

Cargo securement is a simple concept that pertains to firmly securing all the cargo carried by any vehicle and safely transporting it to its destination without experiencing any loss or damage. Though some accidents on the road may be inevitable, it is important that a proper cargo securement system should be in place to ensure that the cargo will arrive safe and sound. Ask any fleet truck repair company and this will definitely on the priority list.

As mentioned above, putting in place a cargo securement system is the key component for ensuring the safety of your cargo. The securement system consists of the following elements: vehicle structure, securing devices, and blocking and bracing equipment. Securement equipment includes devices such as chains, grab hooks, wires, rope, friction mat, binder, shackles, and tie-downs. This equipment should be properly monitored and maintained to ensure that it is in a safe condition and is not damaged. Keeping chains and other equipment with metal hardware dry is important since exposing it to moisture will degrade its quality in the long run. In addition, this should also apply to other parts of the truck such as the liftgate as to prevent any damage to the cargo. Good thing is that there are box truck liftgate repair companies such as Truck-N-Trailer Service to ensure your liftgates are in good condition.

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Another thing to do in cargo securement is check if the truck is in good driving condition. Poorly maintained vehicles are the number one cause of accidents particularly on unstable roads and severe weather conditions. Consult a truck mechanic to conduct preventive maintenance on the truck before it hits the road.

The next thing is to know what kind of cargo is going to be transported. Cargo items that are solid/heavy in nature should be securely packed in crates or boxes and liquid types should be secured in drums or barrels depending on what kind it is. This is also to ensure that the cargo will not spill, roll, flow, or dislodge in the vehicle. The maximum payload weight capacity of the vehicle should also be taken into account to prevent overloading and possible accidents. Also, to prevent the cargo from moving, the minimum number of tie-downs should also be met. It is also important the liftgate should also be in excellent condition and secured as to not cause an accident upon loading or unloading the cargo. If you think your liftgate is damaged, check out box truck liftgate repair.

The ultimate question is, is cargo securement important? The obvious answer is yes. It is the responsibility of fleet operators to safeguard and protect any cargo they are transporting to make sure it arrives to the customers safe and sound. Failure to secure cargo can cause serious accidents and will result in loss of life, partial or total damage of cargo, destruction of the vehicle, and even penalties from violations.

If you need to make sure that both your truck and cargo are safe and secure for the road, the expert fleet repair company Truck-N-Trailer Service in Oklahoma City has the best mechanics to perform the required maintenance for your fleet. Call now!


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