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liftgate replacement

One of the most crucial transportation accessories utilized in a wide range of sectors are hydraulic liftgates.

They make it relatively simple to lift and lower cargo for loading or unloading from your truck cargo box. What should you do if your liftgate breaks down and needs repair or where do you go  to find a liftgate replacement?

Why is the liftgate on my truck stuck?

Even the most dependable box truck liftgates may cease working properly after years of delivering big cargo loads; due to all the wear and tear your equipment will experience.

To get back to work, it’s essential to establish an accurate diagnosis, so make sure you’re working with a truck mechanic capable of servicing lift gates.

Guide for troubleshooting a hydraulic liftgate

At Truck-N-Trailer Service, we provide a well-equipped repair facility manned by a qualified team of medium duty truck technicians.

Here are a few of the most frequent causes of a malfunctioning box truck liftgate.

1. The motor or motor start solenoid is a source of the majority of liftgate problems. When the switch is actuated, if you hear a clicking sound, your solenoid may be the problem.

If so, it would be wise to get in touch with us for professional advice since some issues can be challenging to fix on your own.

2. The next most likely culprit, if your motor is operating and everything else appears to be in working order, is low battery voltage.

As advised by the manufacturers, always make sure the truck is running before using the liftgate.

3. Look for any form of leaks or damage in the cylinders, fittings, lines, and hoses. Simply tightening the fitting connections to the cylinders and/or power unit can fix certain leaks.

Please get in touch with a truck mechanic near you for assistance to diagnose your issue.

4. Check the oil level in the hydraulic reservoir to verify sure it’s within the permissible range for your particular model. If the level is too low, it will be difficult for the gate to raise itself to deck height. The suggested fluid level can be found in the owner’s manual for your liftgate.

5. If the problem is a squeaking sound, it is probably due to a lack of lubrication or issues with the power unit’s internal gears, pulleys, or sprockets. For chains or pivot points, try using a lubricant made for lift gates. If that doesn’t address the problem, you might need to replace some of the parts that are heavily worn or have failed completely.


Like your vehicles and other equipment, Lift gates need routine maintenance because they are not invincible to failure. You can maintain the proper functioning of your liftgates by developing a relationship with a qualified lift gate service provider. For your lift gate service and replacement needs please contact Truck N Trailer at (405) 912-5800 to discuss your lift gate needs.


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