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box truck backup camera

A backup camera is a valuable piece of equipment to have in your commercial truck or fleet of trucks. Aside from the fact that the government mandates a set of rear visibility standards for vehicles, having a backup camera adds a higher level of safety for truck drivers both on the road and in constricted places. If your truck doesn’t have a backup camera yet, make sure to book a backup camera installation service immediately!

Reasons to Install a Backup Camera

Here are some of the reasons to install a backup camera on your truck.

  • Reduces blind spot and/or minor collisions
  • Increase driving safety when backing up
  • Greater visibility of surroundings backing up even in constricted areas
  • Quicker and safer parking
  • Stress-free backing up of vehicle even in congested traffic areas

In essence, safety is the major reason to install a backup camera.

Camera Features to Consider

With the many box truck backup camera options available in the market today, choosing the most appropriate one for your commercial vehicles can be daunting. Below are some important features to focus on when searching for the perfect camera for reverse driving.

Video Quality

Since driving safety is the main reason to install a backup camera, it’s important that it provides high video quality to ensure you can clearly see what’s behind your truck when backing up. Video quality is dependent on the capability of both the camera and display panel, wherein the larger the pixels, the clearer the image.

View Size

To eliminate blind spots when driving your truck in reverse, opt for wide-angle backup cameras with a minimum of the 170-degree viewing angle for a much better view. Moreover, the government has established the mandated field of view standards for rear visibility of trucks and other vehicles through 49 CFR Section 571.111 – Standard No. 111.

LUX Rating and Low-Light Capabilities

These features should be considered especially when you need to drive through the night such as in the cases of Over the Road (OTR) and regional truck drivers. LUX rating refers to the amount of light needed for the camera to produce a clear image. Backup cameras with a lower rating have better low-light or night vision capabilities. They are generally equipped with infrared LED, which is usually marketed based on their IR range. The IR range, however, shouldn’t be confused with the camera’s optical range for which the device can effectively capture image details.

IP Rating

A larger IP rating means that the camera is more capable of withstanding liquids and solids i.e. dust, dirt, rain, moisture, etc. The highest available IP rating is IP69K, which means that the device is extremely weatherproof. When looking for a box truck backup camera, a high IP rating is a must because there’s nowhere to install this type of device but externally on the cargo box.

Sensor Technology

Truck backup cameras usually come with CMOS or CCD sensor technology, but there’s really basically little difference in terms of performance and durability. More specifically, the analog CCD sensor can handle images much better than CMOS sensors when light situations are changed. CCD is also a bit more expensive because it’s usually considered an upgrade to CMOS technology. On the other hand, CMOS is a digital sensor that performs well under low lighting. It also consumes slightly lower power to operate.

Product Warranty

Adding a backup camera system in your truck is an investment, and a product warranty protects your investment by ensuring your device is serviced or replaced if it malfunctions within its warranty period. A long warranty period usually indicates that the product is of excellent quality and that the manufacturer is confident enough in its own products to be able to protect you from any faults.

Other Features to Consider

  • Cameras that display parking guidelines for added safety
  • Systems with a multiplexer to enable multiple cameras
  • Remote control to conveniently switch the camera power source on and off

Let Professionals Install Your Cameras

Get in touch with us here at Truck-N-Trailer for reliable backup camera installation service and the best system for your commercial vehicles.


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