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backup cameras installation

Wouldn’t you like to avoid the hazards of backing up your commercial trucks especially when they’re fully loaded?

Wouldn’t you like to eliminate blind spots that can trigger accidents and cause damage to life and property?

Wouldn’t you like to make everything on your truck’s rear visible to your driver from his or her to allow him or her to back up your truck with confidence?

If you answered YES then you need to equip your trucks with commercial truck backup cameras that are compliant with FMVSS 111.

This busy industrial and commercial world has made the planet smaller due to the abundance of structures and equipment. This makes the operation of big commercial vehicles a bit complicated especially if there’s a need for trucks to move in reverse mode.


Make this easier and safer and equip your commercial trucks with a backup camera system for trucks to take advantages of the benefits it can offer:

  • Back up cameras protect your truck from damage – They work to reduce
    accidents and injuries.
  • Back up cameras make your trucks easier to maneuver especially in tight spots where moving in reverse mode is necessary.
  • The best truck backup camera helps to eliminate blind spots.
  • Commercial truck backup cameras increase safety. They enable your driver to
    have a clear view of everything behind the truck, from toys to pets to children.
  • In the world of business and industry, safety isn’t just a process. It’s a way of life.
    With modern technology, you can now prevent your commercial vehicles from
    becoming instruments of destruction and avoid unwanted costs and legal
  • Equip your commercial vehicles with a backup camera system specifically
    designed for trucks. This will ensure that not just your front view but your rear
    view is covered. With our truck backup camera system in place, you can be sure
    that we’ve got your back.

Base Camera Package Composition and Description

  • 7” color LCD monitor
  • 18 IR LED night vision rear camera
  • Hard wired
  • Handheld remote

RVS Camera System Composition and Description

  • 7” LED Monitor
  • Sharp camera with 410K pixels and 50” IR night vision
  • Multiplexer (able to add cameras)
  • Handheld remote

Make safety a top priority in your trucking operations. Install our best truck backup camera on each of your commercial vehicles.

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