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Engine Repair

We understand that your medium duty commercial truck is integral to your business, and it needs to be in top-performing condition at all times. However, making short distance deliveries across town on a regular basis or driving from job-site to job-site can take a toll on your vehicle, these short drives in stop and go traffic are considered severe duty, and should be scheduled for regular maintenance using the severe duty schedule for your particular truck. Your work truck’s engine can be subjected to wear and tear or unintentional damage.

When your commercial medium duty truck starts showing signs of trouble, don’t take chances. Drive to your trusted facility with years of experience and indisputable expertise in engine repair: Truck-N-Trailer.

Here’s why we’re your best engine repair specialists in Oklahoma City:

  • We are fully equipped to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your truck’s engine, based on its make, model, or mileage.
  • We provide accurate diagnosis using our state-of-the-art equipment and software, and diagnostic techniques to identify failed engine components.
  • We have the technical expertise to perform engine repair with a quick turnaround time and competitive rates.
  • We use high quality OEM, or aftermarket parts so you can be sure you’re getting the appropriate components for a full engine fix.

We serve owners, operators, and national fleets.

Whether yours is a new low mileage or pre-owned, high-mileage commercial vehicle, stop by our Oklahoma City facility or make a service appointment. Experience top quality engine repair at Truck-N-Trailer today!

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